How to colour hair the easy peasy way

This tutorial is aimed at the beginner. I hope it will help you to show off your coloured images with pride!

Hair is made up of dips and peaks. A dip = dark and a peak = highlight and in between is where we lay the mid tone colour.

Choose a dark, mid and light tone of any colour and begin to lay down colour with the light tone. Begin at one end and start to stroke in a random fan motion, towards the centre of the section of hair. Turn the paper and repeat.

Use the mid tone and repeat the above step, only this time switch between short and long strokes of the pen.

Use the dark tone mainly on the ends of the hair and now and again lightly fan out while varying the length of each stroke.

That's it. Easy Peasy.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

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  1. Another great tutorial. Thank you. Now to put into practice.
    Caroline x

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    1. You're most welcome. I'm happy to know it will help :)

  3. Thanks for these tutorials, very helpful :)