Friday, 3 February 2017

Art by Barb Question time....

I think a couple of the questions that I'm often asked do you come up with an idea for your art? and the follow on one is "How long does it take you?"

For me it's not a quick may start with a suggestion, I might see an inspiring image or a memory of my children might spark an idea for a drawing. 
Once the seed is sown, I allow my mind to play with the initial idea for a while and then I begin to draw, ink and colour it.
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Colouring the image is never a quick process either, something that even I question, why does it take me so long?! and my mind reverts to a memory with my art teacher at school.... 
I had drawn a pencil image of two swans in silhouette on a moonlit lake, surrounded by a foliage border and I proudly showed it to him. He just looked and said "It's ok, now go away and spend a week adding depth and shade" My former fifteen year old self flounced away, I feel sure she was muttering something unrepeatable under her breathe! 
So, I took him at his word and worked on the drawing in my spare time. 
A week later I show up at his desk with no expectation of praise. He caught me completely off guard and went wild with excitement "Can you see the difference?" he exclaimed "you've taken an ok piece and turned it into a spectacular piece of artwork!!" and I guess that lesson stuck with me to this day. To the point I spend too much time and I have to consciously tell myself to put down the pencils and step away. It's done! 

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By the time I get to the card stage and as you might imagine I like to keep it quick, simple and clean by adding an appropriate sentiment.

Here is the sentiment for you to use

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Until next time...keep colouring!!


  1. Wonderful coloring on such a fabulous image. Thanks for the sentiment.

  2. WOW, Wow, WOW!! I am speechless..You have got the talent..Awesome coloring..Thank you so much for joining us at Crafty Creations Challenges. Hugs xx Deepti