Friday, 30 December 2016

How to print digital stamps from windows photo gallery without resizing

Windows photo galley will give you the option to print more than one image to a page without the need to resize the images in a program beforehand.

Go to start and type in the search bar >> windows live photo gallery or it may already be in the menu, click to open the program.

To the left side is the picture folder menu, click on the folder that contains the images you'd like to print. Click on the check box next to the two images to select. A blue highlight box should now show on both images.

Go to the tab menu and click File >> print >> print 

Select on the print pop up box  
the correct printer from the drop down menu,
Paper size A4,
Copies of each picture: 1
Uncheck fit picture to frame
Select 13 x 18 cms (2)
click on print

That's all there is to it!

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

How to merge and save digital stamps in MS Word

In the tool tab, find and click on insert >> picture.

To release the image so you can move it, right click on the image and select wrap text >> square

To resize the image use the corner point to maintain the image proportion and not the centre one

Repeat the above steps: import another image (png) to overlay on the first image and resize

To save the image click select >> select all and got to the left hand side of the tab and click copy

Open a new file' Go to file >> new >> create

Go to paste and select paste special

Right click on the new document and select Picture (enhanced metafile) click OK 

Name the file >> select jpeg and click save

All done. Now you're ready to print.

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