Friday, 8 July 2016

Scubbies digital stamp coloured with pencils

I thought to try my hand at watercolour painting, so ordered a pack of watercolour card. The watercolour painting was a fail, I now see many hours ahead of watching youtube vids to learn how to!

however, I did find that the watercolour card took the colour pencils beautifully! and I remembered to jot down the colours that I used. (find list below)

Hair : Faber-Castell  Ivory, Brown Ochre,Van-Dyck-Brown,Burnt Umber
Skin: FB Sanguine,Cinnamon,Dark Flesh
Skin: Spectrum Noirs 005, 006, 007, 089,008,009
T-shirt: FC Dark Flesh. SN 005, 009
Eyes, bath tub and bubbles: SN 067, 077, 001
Sponge and Soap: SN 020, 014, 001
Dog ears: FB Dark Flesh SN 005, 001

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Digital Stamps Sashay Away and Scrubbies

What a week? My laptop refused to switch on (it's still under warranty) it was really odd, one minute it was working, made a cuppa, came back and it was off! I lost all my images. I was beside myself! I know, I should've backed up! (lesson well and truly learned!) Fortunately my lovely daughter bought me a laptop because she knew I wouldn't be happy to wait for it to be fixed.

The first image is inspired by our family dog Ralph. We had him from the dog's home a year ago. The first few months he was a handful , but over the last 6 months he's calmed and I've grown to really love him. His coat is pure white and he looks such a handsome boy after a bath. So my daughter is always bathing him! The other day we ran out of dog shampoo and seriously, she was going to use ordinary soap to scrub our Ralphy, until I stopped her! Oh well, at least she continues to feed my imagination!

While I was unconnected I took the opportunity to experiment with drawing hair. I love colouring hair, which has really helped me to pay attention to the flow of my drawn lines in order to be a better guide for the colourist. 

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