Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ahoy There! digital stamp new release plus a freebie

Ahoy there! I have a fair bit to share in blog land today! Firstly,  may I present my latest digital stamps Ahoy There! (includes a boy and girl version.)

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Boy and Girl Baker Digital Stamp and a Fairy freebie!

I've set myself a challenge to draw a boy version for every girl image that I produce. To be honest, it's not as frightening as I first feared! Really enjoying it.

I was chatting to a lady on FB, who shared a pic with me of her little grandson, baking. Too cute! and my inspiration for the baking images.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

oh la la Digital Stamp

I had nothing in mind to draw when I picked up pencil and pad. Usually, I would consider this one to be a practise piece, file it in a folder, forget about it and then find it again and look at it with a less critical eye. I liked this one straightaway, a few tweaks made during the ink process, mainly to the hair, but overall I just like how this one turned out, because it should due to the subject matter be dramatic and yet it has a tranquil feel. I like a contradiction in art, (take an idea or features, which are opposed to one another, but somehow work together) Admittedly this one was accidental!

And here she is, inked and ready to colour!

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Moonlite Mermaid Digital Stamp

This image is coloured with promarkers and colour pencils, however I realised through the ink process that I wasn't happy with her tail, I imagined a slow and smooth fan motion of the tail gently swishing in and out of the water to capture her contentment and enjoyment of each moment immersed in the shimming moon light. I drew some clouds to add atmosphere plus a couple of dragonflies to add interest and to complete the image.

This is the finished lineart. It doesn't need to be coloured as a moonlite scene. You might see a bright sun shinny day! 

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Spot of colouring using "Blowin" digital stamp

I find that my drawings contain a blend of my daughter as a child and as an adult. This is exactly how she'd be dressed to hang out the washing today, in an over sized T.shirt and draws on show and a little bit of creative licence from me, because I don't think we own a duck!
It's a dreary day here in the UK, so I coloured an appropriate image to suit the day. I used every colour medium that I own, promarkers, copics, coloured pencils and watercolours for the background.  Usually, I don't bother with a background, but a while ago I bought watercolour pens and I really need to find a way to use them as they sit unloved in my craft cupboard. Can't have that! I really like how the background finishes the pic. Definitely be doing more backgrounds! 

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Coloured "Oops sorry ma!" free digi stamp

This digital stamp is still available for free to colour. Visit Art by Barb group to collect a copy.

 oops sorry ma!

 My daughter is the inspiration for most of my art work! She is now 21 years old, but my gosh she was a little madam as a child: not naughty, just a mischievous hand full!  Her childhood antics drove me up the wall but now they bring great joy and I try to capture these memories in my artwork!
I didn't colour when she was a child, but if she was a child today then I just know this is something that she'd do, use my bestest markers to draw me a pic to say sorry for using my markers that I'd warned her not to use! Hence the reason I named the image "Oops sorry ma!"
Who am I kidding, she's just as bad now. Once at a car boot sale, she promised a fellow crafter to sell her all my markers because she'd not seen me using them for a while! Good job I went with her the following week and intercepted that little transaction. I was gobsmacked when this woman approached me to ask if I was the colouring lady and did I have my markers to hand?!!! 

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Introduction plus free digital Stamp

I’m often asked, where did I learn how to draw? My answer, Google! I’m not kidding either. As a child I’d draw real life objects but nothing to fancy. It was about 10 years ago that I began to teach myself how to draw people. This involved many hours of searching online tutorials and double the amount of hours frustratingly scribbling with a pencil and quickly erasing! I finally now feel that my artwork is good enough to share with the online colouring community and you.

I have a great giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new digital stamps range. Pop over to Art by Barb to get your freebie!

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